Collage illustrations for the article “Spazio e Gusto” by Giogia Chicarella, CUBO Magazzino N.6, April 2019

Illustration for editorial by Giogia Chicarella, and credits page, in based to the issue theme: CRESCENDO

CUBO Magazzino N.6, April 2019

art direction CUBO Magazine

Design and development of the magazine layout

Coordination and graphic development + illustrations


CUBO Magazzino N.6, April 2019. Associazione Cubo Magazine, Parma, Italia.

Design and illustration of the cover for the book

Pequeña Gran Revolucion, Miguel Ángel Chacón. Edited. Imprenta Ayala. Septiembre 2018.

“Tangenti, una storia dua realtà” by Rocio Fernández Lorca. Book without words, presented at SBC Silent Book Contest 2019.

The book narrates social dualities and differences

through a day in the life of two children.

Alba Molina

illustration for the magazine


Illustration for Tokio Blues (Norwegian wood)

Haruki Murakami