Chilean wine by Concha Y Toro


Label and logo design

The concept of a frontier as natural boundary is reinterpreted from a cartographic base. Maps, cartographies, connect us with the concept of adventure, travel, experience ... linked to the fresh, authentic and uncomplicated air of the brand.

The logo has been redesigned as an evolution of the previous one, enhancing the familiar and inclusive nature of the brand. Its composition is carried out using the Golden mean (Golden ratio).

In this way, the typography loses the serif, in favor of a more modern, elegant and unisex design.

Likewise, the icon of the compass is reinterpreted in a modern way, giving rise to a renewed logo without losing its essence, thus strengthening the iconicity of the brand.

The design also lends itself well to introducing the colour code of the ‘varietals’ in the bottle.



Label and logo design

Mövenpick was looking for innovative designs that stand out and that combine the best of two worlds: the aromatic flavor of fresh coffee and avant-garde flavor combinations such as “ginger and lemon”.

An elegant minimal concept, that shows the premium character of the product. The simplicity makes a timeless design. Circles represent the bubbles and they have different colours according to the flavors.

The background design connects with the dark-brown coffee color, and helps accentuating Movenpick gold logo and Sparkling Coffee text.

The packaging stands out from the other energetic drinks, and it is clearly percived as a sparkling coffee cold drink with fruits flavors.





Illustration and label design

Brisbane is called the River City, the river is one of the most important parts of the city, the heart of Brisbane. It serves as a space for a variety of purposes (business, culture, recreation, ...). The design represents a scene on the riverside, a view from South Bank. The idea is shown with a fresh, energetic and vibrant design, which includes the natural paradise and the metropolis skyline, with a powerful color palette inspired by the Australian sunset, which perfectly complements the blue of “ABSOLUT” logo.




The design is based on represents London Icons, ussing the color pallete provided for this collection, which at the same time refers and create England flag, and is used as a deconstructed base to generate the "V SHAPE" and the moments of energy.